by Karii Kariiyo

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released March 22, 2014

Everything by Karii Kariiyo

Recorded in Salem/Peabody, Massachusetts

Track 5 Recorded in Los Angeles, California



all rights reserved


Karii Kariiyo Boston, Massachusetts

This page is about the controversial

beat poet/
social recluse,

Karii "Kar" Kariiyo.

"All I ever wanted was to affect somebody."
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Track Name: Sim, Estou.
Suzanna, don't you
see I'm such a fool?
& I know I will try
all I can to prove myself wrong.

Suzanna, don't you
see how beautiful
everything is right now
when you're around? Am I dreaming?

Suzanna, don't you
see how surreal
everything is right now
when you're around? Am I dreaming?
Track Name: Sincerely, Unconditionally
They say Boston is the prime-time of arts and culture, yeah --- good times, such a dream... more like a night terror.

I can't step a fucking foot into that town; the memories... they will eat away what little I have.

I'm so done, I'm so done --- I'm so fucking done with everyone and everything! Everywhere I go, I'm not wanted.

Forced to be in a predominantly white city where all the white kids date other white kids --- presumably fucking to hardcore or indie pop.

Deff wanna die but before I do, I just wanna say sincerely, unconditionally...

Win, you fool.
I see right through you.
& I know I will die alone.
This I know.
Track Name: (Slow) Sigh
I don't wanna throw the garbage out,
I'd much rather lay my head between your thighs.
When you run your fingers through my hair, I feel
so safe yet so alive.

I don't wanna throw the garbage out,
I'd much rather kiss you anywhere you wish.
When you look at me, I find it hard to breathe.

I wanna go
(take me with you),
but I know, it's over.
Track Name: So Choose Me
This fetal position
is all too familiar.
I'm regressing back to my safety years.

This fetal position
is all too familiar,
but don't you know that the covers
won't save you this time?

Don't be so fickle as you're staring out the window / one minute you're so vibrant and the next you're cold and empty / you want and you want but you know that you can't have / you spend your evenings crying in the parked car / keep making people smile while your world is falling apart / it's nice to give to others so they know the feeling of

singing in high harmony.
Shaking, aching
to the words on the screen.
Making, breaking,
feeling, breathing.

This fetal position
is all too familiar.
Track Name: Destroy The Story, Fuck Me Dry
passing by a forever sleeping animal erupts
the tender innards in me.
hearing your hurt on loop, I do this to
myself. constantly.

don't mind me, please mind me.
the pain is extravagant(ly) on loop, I kill
myself, sweetly.

(it's funny how two can just pass through)

passing through like a vector at
a hundred miles per hour.
hearing the juxtaposition of

sound beauty
uncontrolled chaos
is tearing me right the fuck

I do this to

(it's funny how you can just pass through)

feeling like a god is
strictly here to overstep my boundaries.
You thought it was all for a good cause, but you were so...

It's all wrong. It's all so wrong --- I can feel the fingertips breaking off, at the core,
left repulsed.
The light is about to fade.

(it's funny how I can just pass through)

I want to kill everything that seems haunted; the things that make you, you.

Destroy the story. Fuck me dry.