by Karii Kariiyo

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(drunk sad music)


released August 25, 2014

everything by karii kariiyo



all rights reserved


Karii Kariiyo Boston, Massachusetts

This page is about the controversial

beat poet/
social recluse,

Karii "Kar" Kariiyo.

"All I ever wanted was to affect somebody."
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Track Name: CHC
I was sinking through a
collective heart conscience.

Am I still a vile person?
Am I still vile?

Leagues under the sea,
a true blue fantasy.

I was sinking through a
collective heart conscience.
Track Name: Sometimes I Feel Crystallized (Fearsome on Good Days)
Do anything but notice me.
Do nothing but notice me.
Never felt more alone in this packed bar.
"Packed" is a strong word.
Pretension seeps from my scabs
and it stains the wooden rest.
I'm finding it difficult to care.
In other news, I'm still by myself.
Sit still, disown me.
Sit still, consume me.
Rip me open and share me to the guests.
A host must be gracious.
Goddamn, it's over.
Everything is facetious.
Naturally, like a
goddamn innovator.
Past the point of no salvation.
I'm feeling cheeky --- like I
melt through all the glass.
Say hi to all my steaming parts.
Auction my brain, lungs, ribs and heart.
Track Name: Untitled III
Show me all of you
Let me break your barrier(s) ---
Start some shit.
Every facet
of my tastebuds
is on ecstasy.
My tongue burns with

I am a prison ---
I hated myself for it.
I am a conduit
for the drowned body.

Floating away
into a past poem.
I want to rest my hand
on your thigh,
Like we are separate
from everybody.

Flip side, and I'm crushed.
The floral pattern kills me

but you're still precious to me.

Separate me from everything.
Separate me from everyone.
Separate me.
I am a prison.

but you're still precious to me.


It's not that I want to be a parent,
but I do...

I do.

I want to help you, I want to influence you.
Matter to you, be your life.

Be your life.

Is that selfish?
Is it the poison?
Is it the ketchup?
Is it the withdrawal?

How does it feel to be desired?
How does it feel to stop feeling so ugly?
How does it feel to stop caring?

Some care more than others.
Some are precious.
Some are firecrackers.

I am the blood (stream)
I am so fucking insignificant
I am a grave --- unable to
lay to rest, my nightmares are
long overdue.

I just want to be a mother.
I just want to be a martyr.

Be your life.

It's not that I want to be a parent,
but I do...

I do.