by Karii Kariiyo

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released May 8, 2013

Everything by Karii Kariiyo

Recorded in Salem/Peabody, Massachusetts



all rights reserved


Karii Kariiyo Boston, Massachusetts

This page is about the controversial

beat poet/
social recluse,

Karii "Kar" Kariiyo.

"All I ever wanted was to affect somebody."
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Track Name: Peabody, Mass
Karii Kariiyo - Peabody, Mass


It seems like Empty Pages came true,
Oh well, I guess we're all gonna die soon.
My eyes are dead but I am so good at faking it,

(I look like everyone else and it shows,
My plate of copper now turns to gold,
I've lost the one thing that's made me whole.)

I guess things happen for a reason,
What terrible terms and conditions.
Put on this mask and pretend it's okay,

(I go behind my back to call me fake,
All I want is to be happy, not to be great,
As I sink, I realize just how safe I am.)

I see a stranger through this mirror,
Why did you have to give it all up so soon?
Is it a mere coincidence

(Just how cold it feels in this room?)
Track Name: Baby Blue Dreams
Karii Kariiyo - Baby Blue Dreams


momentarily very spent
I am an entity,
a red herring.


sincerely forgotten
a vessel, a prophet
a threshold for pain
remember me, falling...


Baby Blue Dreams
a vacuous thing,
I feel like an amorous
version of glamour.


Baby Blue Dreams
the sirens calm me
the pressure, it haunts me...


temporarily heaven sent
I am ethereal,
a flawless epilogue.
Track Name: Going Downtown
Karii Kariiyo - Going Downtown


& we're going downtown,
just towards Waltham---
through the slippery mounds,
unaffected; still-born

Track Name: Capillaries
Karii Kariiyo - Capillaries


torn gloves soaked in kerosene
on the day before this day of

thinking about but clouded by
shattered glass & motorbikes
ice-cream trucks & children crying
beach bonfires & burning towns
dreams backseat & slippery mounds
coming in last & coming in first
from ambulance to stylish hearse
freeze tag by the cemetery
remember me sincerely

still frame observations of the
fetal flowers racing racing

die wilted in the dirt

soaked hands doused in kerosene
on this day after the day of